Open since September 2011 and based in Tampa, Florida, Campaign Development Corporation is a sales and marketing firm focused on growth and development. We partner with some of the world’s most respected names in wireless telecommunications helping improve their name recognition and market reach. While our clients have mastered creating an exquisite product they found it difficult to connect with their customers on a more personalized level. That’s exactly what we specialize in.

Clients trust us in adopting their brand because of our guarantee of results, our training process, and our commitment to growth and development. Starting with building trust with our clients, we knew that Fortune 100-500 clients needed some kind of guarantee if they were going to work with a relatively new office and trust us to uphold their brand and quality. We also knew we could bank on our ability to follow through and excel. We give our clients 100% guarantee return on investment and even help them by adopting all the cost of recruiting and hiring an exquisite sales team.

Everything done at Campaign Development Corporation is internal. We adopt our clients recruiting, hiring, and training costs to allow them to work on creating a more marketable product. Their diligence in building a quality product paired with our diligence in expanding their market reach by being customer focused has helped expand their profit margins by 400%.

How do we do it? It all starts with training. We believe that the best way to build comradery amongst our team everyone needs to be able to relate to each other. We hire all team members entry level first and offer promotions strictly from within based on merit and ability. Our training is intense and laser-focused. We start very hands on by coaching in product knowledge, communication skills, and in teaching our sales systems. As we feel people deserve more autonomy we push our team out of their comfort zones and move them upwards into leadership roles where their success is contingent on work ethic

As our firm expands we promote the best of the best into upper management roles. For us, those who prove their ability to coach, train, and develop autonomous employees while continuing to improve their own skills are those people. We have extremely large goals for the next 12 months. Campaign Development Corporation plans to expand into 10 new markets across the United States. We are committed to having high standards, working relentlessly and with integrity, and enjoying the process it takes to get there.