Business Advice from Trey Bailey

Campaign Development Corporation wants to introduce the world to Trey Bailey, our newest Administrative Assistant. Bailey joined the team in July of this year and has wholly elevated our office. We sat down with him this month to chat about the business, goals, and life itself.

Born in Milledgeville, Georgia, Bailey moved around quite a bit as a child, allowing him to see every corner of the world. “I went to 21 different schools growing up,” says Bailey, “I think moving around a lot as a child shaped me into the independent person I am today.” As a child, Bailey was drawn to the numbers and even considered becoming an accountant. After graduating from high school, Bailey left the books in the past and jumped right into the workforce. “I had no idea I would end up in this field, but I’m glad I did,” says Bailey. “I spent many years before this, working very hard at a granite company. I even wanted to be in the military at one point.” Despite his past experiences, Bailey found his way to the Campaign Development Corporation office and was immediately hooked. “My first thoughts were how great the work environment was,” says Bailey, “It was so unique to me that I was able to grow in this company internally through my performance. I love working here. At our early morning meetings, we all chant, “FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC, GREAT!!” It’s just a great office environment. My best memory was when I was invited to team night the very first night I was hired- before my first day! They made me feel very welcomed.”


“This experience has taught me all about the administration side of the business. I have become a stronger individual. I do what I can to help the managers run the business as smoothly as possible. This job is exciting; it’s a place where hard work pays off.”

Much of Trey Bailey’s duties in the office are in the realm of recruitment. He works tirelessly every day to ensure that our team is packed with talent and drive. “When recruiting, I look for people with great customer experience,” says Bailey, “I also look to military or athletic backgrounds, as well as how they present themselves professionally.” As for his advice to prospective candidates, his words are simple. “Come in with confidence. The interview is not a time to be afraid of the person you’re talking to, but to get to know them. As for your resume, check for typos, include your phone number, and tell us about yourself.”

The Campaign Development Corporation team is so grateful for the hard work of Trey Bailey. As his team members, we know that his future is incredibly bright.

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