Meet Gina Weis: HR Coordinator

The Campaign Development Corporation team has recently grown by one! Our newest HR Coordinator, Gina Weis, joined the team on May 27th, 2019. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Weis has been business-minded since birth. This month, we sat down with her to discuss business, growth, and development.

What was your childhood like?

“The most influential experience in my childhood was having the opportunity to travel all over the East Coast playing in competitive soccer leagues. I was a loving, fun, responsible, and driven kid. I started playing soccer around the age of five and absolutely fell in love with it. I continued playing in travel teams and played in different competitive leagues throughout the years. I made the junior varsity high school team when I was still in middle school. I made a hard decision in my senior year of high school to not play soccer in college to focus more on my academics instead.”

That is quite an athletic career! How did that experience shape you?

“The competitive environment of playing soccer helped me with my communication and listening skills. It also taught me how to be a great team member on and off the field.”

Tell us about your college experience.

“I went to the University of Tampa and majored in Psychology. I did a lot of volunteer work, including volunteering at the Glazier’s Children Museum to study how different ages of kids interact with toys and other children. I was also a research assistant and assisted my professor in conducting her experiments. I was fortunate enough to present my research at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference in Jacksonville. I also played intermural volleyball and soccer. In addition, I was a member of Delta Zeta for three years. I never thought I would end up in this field; I wanted to be a Marine Biologist as a kid, but I am so happy that I did!”

So what drew you to the Campaign Development Corporation team?

“Everyone on the team was so nice and welcoming. The work environment is fun and energetic. It makes coming to work very enjoyable. I believe my greatest quality is that I am very understanding. I will put myself in somebody else’s shoes before reacting. These are qualities that you absolutely need to succeed in this industry. I felt like it was meant to be. Something I appreciate is how much everyone believes in you and wants to see you succeed. I never felt afraid to ask a question of something I was unsure of because I knew whoever helped me would be more than eager to help me learn. This career has made me more outgoing and confident when speaking to people. It has also made me an excellent multitasker.”

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you?

“There have been many life experiences that have shaped me. I am very close with my family, so I feel that their support for me has helped me believe I can achieve anything I set my mind too. I was taught not to be afraid of failure, so I can always keep improving and learning from my mistakes.”

What qualities do you look for when recruiting?

“When recruiting, I look for people that display great work ethic on their resume. I also like when people ask me questions when speaking on the phone because it shows that they are driven and have done their research on the company.”

What resume advice do you have for candidates?

“My advice would be to put your best work on your resume and to use bullet points to call attention to the aspects that make you stand out.”

What is one tip you wish more people knew when coming in to interview?

“Dress to impress and be yourself!”

In the time that Gina Weis has been with our team, our value has skyrocketed. The key to a strong team is a strong recruiter, and that’s what we got with Gina. When she is not building our team and crushing goals, Gina Weis can be found at the beach hanging out with friends and family.






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