How To Create A Winning Resume 📜

Your resume is the first thing a company will ever see about you! Before meeting you or even getting to talk to you, this is their absolute first impression! Here at Campaign Development Corp, we believe that to make the best first impression, you need to have a resume that not only showcases everything you’ve done professionally but also one that makes you stand out from the rest! With so much competition among job-seekers, we want to make sure that you are making the most out of your resume! From choosing a layout to the font and headshot, there are so many logistics that could make all the difference! Here are a few tips to make your resume go from bland to brilliant!

Describe Your Accomplishments, Not Your Responsibilities

Talking about what a job expected of you is easy – you can simply just get that information off a job description. What most companies want to know is how you made that organization better! What did you accomplish that helped the company improve? From raising sales to conducting productive meetings, companies want to see what you are bringing to the table! The last thing they want is someone who is only going to follow the rules. Break the mold and go beyond the expectations.

Use Up All the Space You Have

On resumes, it’s a common mistake to leave white space when you can easily fill that out with short information. Fill up your white space with languages you may know or short skills that could be useful to the company! You can even add your favorite hobbies and interests to your resume so the company can see how you like to spend your free time. Better yet, you can add a picture of your headshot onto the resume, so the company knows your style and appearance. Be sure if you attach a headshot that you are dressed for the position you are applying for. At Campaign Development Corp, we have purposely hired a diverse pool of individuals that all have amazing qualities and hobbies that differentiate from one another! We’re not just looking to fill a slot or fill a number; our mission is to build lifelong business relationships with our crew.

Write Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Top companies have incredible mission statements, so why can’t top applicants? Write a mission statement that is true to you and your values! When writing a mission statement, think of how you would define yourself to others. What is important to you, and how do you think you stand out from any other applicant? The answers you begin thinking to yourself are the perfect start to an amazing mission statement. If you get stuck on what to come up with, confront people you trust and have worked with, and ask them on how they would define you!

With these few tips, we hope you are ready to land that interview and get that job! While having a qualified resume is great in itself, we are certain that these tips and tricks will have people talking and piquing people’s interest. From all of us here at Campaign Development Corp, best of luck with the job hunt.

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