How A Career Was Born From Disaster: Meet Andrea

“I am from Puerto Rico, I was not planning on coming here. Hurricane Maria tore through my home, we had no food or water, you couldn’t even flush the toilet. The hurricane came through on September 20th, and I picked up and moved to the US on November 2nd.”

Andrea Sambobal is an account manager turned recruiter here at Campaign Development Corp, but she almost wasn’t. A career with Campaign Development Corp was a completely unexpected facet of Sambobal’s life, but we are so grateful to chance. Since her time with the company, Sambobal has found the greatest success and inspires her team each and every day.

Andrea Sambobal was born and raised in Puerto Rico, moving to the US in November of 2017. As a kid, Sambobal was the epitome of well-rounded. You could find her playing any number of sports, reading books, or serving as President of the class. “I’ve never been shy, but the experience of being President developed me,” says Sambobal, “when you need to take the lead and direct a group of people- that was one of the best experiences I had as a kid.”

After high school graduation, Sambobal went on to study criminal justice at the University of Puerto Rico. Alongside her studies and passion for justice, Sambobal’s history in sales can be dated back to her younger years. “I’ve been doing sales since I was 16,” says Sambobal, “In the summers I worked retail, and my first real job was selling uniforms to students at my private school.” Despite her talent in sales, Sambobal set her sights on the legal world. “I studied criminal justice,” says Sambobal, “unfortunately the hurricane ruined a lot. At the time of hurricane Maria, I was 3 months away from getting my degree. However, when I moved to the US, my studies were meaningless- I studied the Puerto Rican justice system. I can’t finish what I started here, so I will have to go back to Puerto Rico for three months to finish my degree, which is easier said than done.”

If there is ever a time to believe that everything happens for a reason, then now is the time. Andrea Sambobal walked through the doors of Campaign Development Corp on February 2nd, 2018. “I was in love from the first moment,” says Sambobal, “I remember sitting at my mom’s table and applying for everything I saw online, and they called me in for an interview not even 2 days later.” Sambobal has found her niche within the Campaign Development Corp world, and credits much of that comfort to her team. “It is a very family-oriented company,” says Sambobal, “it feels more like a family.”

Two weeks ago, the 23-year-old business woman made the switch from account management to recruiting! “I am so young, and I have no clue what I want to do with my life,” says Sambobal, “I wanted to find something that would allow me to spend time with my husband and work- this has allowed me to do that.” Alongside the flexibility this opportunity has provided her, Sambobal credits Campaign Development Corp for her improved English, and understanding of business to business sales. “I am much more positive now,” says Sambobal, “Learning how to remember that everything is gonna be alright is one of the strongest things I’ve learned.

As for her goals, she speaks with confidence. “I want to grow the office as much as possible, and get more quality people through the doors.”









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