Working at Campaign Development Corp

A question we often get from individuals contemplating a career at Campaign Development Corp is “what are the benefits of working for your company?” We love when people ask this. In order to boast a healthy career, the relationship has to be mutually beneficial. People naturally want to know that the company they are going to dedicate themselves to for years is going to take care of them in return. With this in mind, we sat down and thought about the many benefits we offer to all Campaign Development Corp team members and defined them into the following 5 categories.
Professional Growth
In what we think is the biggest benefit of them all, the opportunity for unlimited growth potential is one of a kind. We often hear that people enjoy their current positions but are dissatisfied with the advancement structure, so we vowed upon starting Campaign Development Corp that that would not be the case in our company. Every individual is given equal opportunity to progress into leadership and management roles, barring the work ethic and performance is there. We recognize this growth is unique, therefore, the talent we accept in our company is unique. The ambitious, hungry, entrepreneurial type do best here in our Management Training Program.
Challenging Work
Complimentary to our clear, structured advancement opportunities is the chance to have challenging, thought-provoking work. People often get caught up doing menial, mind-numbing work, rather than holding a role that forces them to become a better version of their professional self. At Campaign Development Corp, we recognize the strengths each team member brings to our organization, as well as the areas needing improvement. We encourage the personal/professional development of each individual through situational leadership training, management seminars, and extensive networking opportunities. Anyone who has a dull day at Campaign Development Corp was not working hard enough.
Uncapped Earning Potential 
We believe people should be paid what they’re worth, not based on the hours they put in. (We’re sure you’ve all worked with someone who clocked in and out and did little in between but made as much as you.) We found the concept of “performance-based” pay perfect for our business model and made it a staple in our company that you could dictate both your growth and your pay. For this reason, we have individuals in our organization that easily make over $50,000 in an entry level marketing & sales position simply because they’re willing and able to outwork and out-study others.
The camaraderie aspect of Campaign Development Corp is also a MASSIVE benefit of working with our company. We know from personal experience that it is uncommon to work with like-minded, goal-oriented people who have common interests and work ethic. By grouping people of different backgrounds with similar aspirations, we have bred a culture that competitive go-getters thrive in. By hosting a weekly team event both inside and outside of the office, we ensure that our crew gets to know each other outside of the suits and ties.
If you love to travel and plan to work at Campaign Development Corp, be sure to have your passport ready! Offering monthly regional travel opportunities, quarter stateside trips, and annual international rest & relaxation weekends, our company means business when it comes to rewarding our people through travel. We believe traveling promotes networking, as well as an opportunity to stretch and expand comfort zones, so whether our team is packing their bags for Los Angeles or Puerto Vallarta, the memories are there to be made!
A career at Campaign Development Corp requires dedication and tenacity but is well worth the effort required. Thanks to the culture built by our CEO, Mike Franco, we know that people that are valued and appreciated will always go above and beyond. The past years in business have shown us that and built a foundation of excellence we will continue to compound upon!

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