Five Ways To Be Happier At Work

We’ve all heard it before, and we know it’s the truth: we spend more time at work than we do at home. It can be a hard pill to swallow. The coworkers sitting at the neighboring desktops probably speak to us more than our own children. Our supervisors and HR representatives see us more than our spouses. The amount of time spent at work cannot be understated, so why should it be spent miserably? If you are unhappy at work, that is the majority of your day spent unhappy- over half of your week trudging through pure misery. Here at Campaign Development Corporation, we think you should change it. We are tired of the “I hate work” stigma. Starting today, we encourage you to learn how to love your workplace, your career, your coworkers, and your life.

Start Right

Here at Campaign Development Corp., one of our favorite quotes is “your entire day is determined by how you spend your first hour.” Don’t spend your mornings hitting snooze, rushing out the door, and pushing through the early morning hunger with stale coffee. Ease into your day with a relaxing morning routine. Make yourself a nice breakfast, take a shower, have a hot cup of coffee- in a real mug, not a travel mug.

Don’t Be Afraid to Socialize

Many working men and women are instilled with the all work, no play mindset- to the degree that they are afraid to socialize in the workplace. An office is a place of work, but that doesn’t mean you cannot form real relationships within those walls. Here at Campaign Development Corp., we believe that you can create amazing content and work hard, while also fostering strong friendships that last. Many subscribe to the idea that, due to the amount of time spent in the office, your “work family” often knows you better than anyone else in your life- if you let them. Of course, you should always maintain professionalism, but if you start to think of your coworkers as friends instead of “the girl on the other side of the cubicle,” then chances are you are much more likely to be excited to go into the office and value the time spent there.

Dress for Success

It has long been known that your mindset is largely affected by the way you present yourself, which is why even remote employees working from home are encouraged to jump out of those pajamas and get ready for the day. Start your day off right by looking and feeling your best. Just because the office is open to the “casual” side of business casual, doesn’t mean you should show up in your workout attire every day. Put effort into your appearance and your work.

Do Meaningful Work

Everyone loves The Office’s bits of imaginative games to pass the time or office-wide polls on whether or not an actress is attractive or not. However, here at Campaign Development Corp., we can attest to the fact that the day goes much smoother when you dedicate your time to meaningful work, rather than working to pass the time. Not only does the day genuinely fly by when you are laser focused on a real task, but you can walk out of the office and into happy hour with a sense of accomplishment- which sounds corny, but let’s be honest, we all love that feeling.

Take Breaks

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is beyond important for both your physical and mental health. 8 hours at a desk behind a computer is a death sentence for your eyes, and a severe case of cramping for your entire body come 5:00 p.m. Professionals suggest walking away from the desk once every hour to give your eyes a break and stretch the legs a bit. Not to mention, this gives your mind a chance to step away from the screen and get the human interaction you so desperately need.

It is our sincere hope that this inspired a change of mindset and will encourage anyone reading to take on tomorrow’s workday with a positive and open attitude. From all of us here at Campaign Development Corporation, we wish you a happy work week.

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