Top Things To Do in Tampa This Summer

Regretting the first half of summer spent on the couch? Mentally reliving each Netflix series you binge-watched over the past 2 months? (Our recommend: The Staircase). Spice up your summer starting today. Don’t know how? Let us help. We have organized the top things to do this summer in Tampa, according to our team here at Campaign Development Corporation.

Beer Can Island

Famous among locals, Beer Can Island is a popular spot for all things boating and socializing. With the perfect combination of the summer sun, good music, and cold beer- a day on the island is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Looking for a family outing, no worries! Despite the name, this is not a “spring breaker” destination flooded with rowdy college kids. Beer Can Island is a perfect spot for families as well, with great fishing spots and a friendly atmosphere.

Tampa Bay Rays

Summer is about pastimes and clichés. Here at Campaign Development Corp, we believe there is nothing that screams “SUMMER” quite like a baseball game. A perfect outing for the family, a date night, or even an office social, Rays games are always an event to remember. Pro tip: check out the Rays’ summer schedule, often there are themed game days for families and even summer camps!

The Straz Center

Looking for something a little classier than boating or baseball, we’ve got just the thing for you! The Straz Center for the Performing Arts provides Tamps with a constant stream of art and music with its running shows. Productions like Mamma Mia!, and Motherhood the Musical are sure to make the perfect evening outing. Stay up to date on summer shows through their website.

Tampa Bay Museum of Art

Craving culture? Say no more! The Tampa Bay Museum of Art, founded in 1979, is a local tradition. We contend that this is the perfect escape from the summer sun and sand. Switch up your summer with a totally new experience, we know you won’t regret.

Big Cat Rescue

Are you a fan of zoos, but bored with the typical zoo we’ve seen time and time again? Campaign Development Corporation has the solution. Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue offers a good time through their walking tours, while also promoting good work in the world. They have rescued over 150 abandoned and abused big cats, and continue to save the world one lion at a time.

Whether it’s playing with big cats, boating on Beer Can Island or perusing the Tampa Bay Museum of Art, the rest of this summer is sure to be a great one. From all of us here at Campaign Development Corporation, we wish you a happy and healthy summer 2018.

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