The Girl’s Got Goals: Crystal Croteau’s Story

Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of our business here at Campaign Development Corp is seeing the different personalities that enter and excel here in our Mangement Training Program! Each unique in their own, our team ranges from athletes to travelers, comedians, and entrepreneurs. When we look at the specrtrum of team members that have joined our organization over the last years, we’re in constant amazement at the education, experience level, and enthusiasm we have attracted!

Meet Crystal Croteau, budding entrepreneur here at Campaign Development Corp and featured team member for the month of May. A military child by birth, who moved with her mom to Tampa at the age of 3, Crystal has spent the last 30 years of her life in the Florida sun and sand. A GREAT scholar and student, Crystal became a big sister at the age of 12 and recalls watching her mom work 3-4 jobs to make ends meet for their family. Vowing at that time to find a career that would support her mom long-term, Crystal set out to continue making good grades and prioritizing her studying. She joined the National Vocational Technicals Honor Society, cheered in her spare time, and graduated with honors.

Life after graduation took Crystal to college and then cosmetology school, where she became a licensed cosmetologist and planned to start a career in the beauty industry. It was during that time that she responded to an advertisement for a nanny position and ended up staying/growing with that family for the next 9 years. Helping raise 2 young children was no easy feat, but like any challenge, Crystal took to it with ease.

Crystal returned to college, this time pursuing and receiving her Bachelors in Biological Health Sciences! She graduated from USF, finding a position immediately after school as an Executive Assistant with a Real Estate Investment firm. Realizing that her growth was extremely limited, Crystal sought out for work with uncapped advancement & earning potential. In April 2015, Crystal started with Campaign Development Corp and the rest was history from there.

Falling in love first with the company culture and second with the opportunity for growth, Crystal progressed rapidly through our Management Training Program. Gearing up for a hopeful Assistant Management promotion this summer, Crystal spends every day hustling with intent. With goals bigger than herself (to take care of her mom), Crystal gives herself no choice at Campaign Development Corp but to be successful.
Outside of work, Crystal adores 2 things: traveling and her chihuahuas, Tinkerbell and Cha-cha! Crossing places like Greece, Pragua, Croatia, Mexico, Rome, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico off her list, Crystal plans to work hard so she can spend her life with the freedom to go where she pleases. Furthermore, she loves going to new amusement parks, beaches, boating, and rollerblading.
Crystal, the last year watching you grow professionally has been extremely rewarding. We think your determination and work ethic is one of a kind and can’t wait to see you hit all your goals…and some!

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