Meet Campaign Development Corp’s Newest Assistant Manager, Craig Schulz

At Campaign Development Corp, we work with winners. Simply put. Like athletes, our team is well trained, well studied, and very well willing to work hard for their goals. Though we all don’t have the same great taste in our Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ha-ha), there’s one thing we’re sure of, and it’s that our team is willing to go the extra mile.

Meet Craig Schulz, newest Assistant Manager, and rising star here at Campaign Development Corp. One of the hardest workers you’ll meet, driven by integrity and competition, Craig has made a name for himself since he started with the company back in January 2017. We wanted to sit down with Craig, interview him, and ask him about what led him to Campaign Development Corp and his thoughts about growing the company!

Alright, Craigs, first things first – where are you from?

I’m a Buffalo native, born & raised and I love my Bills. I’m the youngest of 3 and consider myself highly fortunate to have grown up in the family I did. My 2 older brothers were my role models, and my parents were my mentors.

What fields were your parents in professionally? How did that shape you?

Both my parents are incredibly intelligent, my mom serving as the CEO of a law firm she started and my dad as everything from the Vice President of a computer software company to a Master’s student who found his passion in teaching! My parents were the ultimate example of working hard.

What helped define your competitive spirit?

You mean besides being the youngest of 3 boys?! I would say it’s my love and involvement in sports. I played basketball religiously, football, and baseball, and was lucky enough to have my dad as my coach several seasons. Sports taught me to work for what I want and tackle things head on.
Where did life take you after graduation?
I went to college at SUNY Albany and studied business management with an emphasis in management and marketing! After college, I moved back to Buffalo and actually got a job working with the Bills and continued my career there for the next 6 1/2 years. I moved into an operations management role in merchandising and loved what I did – except for the fact that I had zero room for growth. After years of waiting for more responsibilities and promotions, I realized I needed to be more proactive. I started looking for career opportunities in Tampa until I was ready to make my move.
So that’s how you found Campaign Development Corp, huh?!
It was. I started with the company because it seemed like a great way to polish my leadership and management skills, but the longer I worked there, the more I understood the growth potential to actually oversee a regional office location for our client. I was 100% in at that moment. Once I mastered the product knowledge and training, I knew it was just a matter of time until I hit my goals.
What are your goals with Campaign Development Corp?
My goals are to transfer the knowledge I’ve gained successfully into the team I oversee, grow the office twice in size by strategic recruiting, and help our client expand outside of Tampa!
What advice do you have for someone just starting with the company?
My advice is to not just shoot for where you want to be but to shoot for beyond that. People get caught up in the minimum requirements to get to the next step so much that they usually slip backward when they actually hit it. Go big. Also, pick up a book when you can. My recommendation is How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie.
Last question for the readers – what are you doing for fun outside of work? 
I love to golf. I think our business is so much like the game. You have to be strategic, place integrity highly, be even-keeled and tempered (even when things don’t go your way), intense, and committed. Like golf, you have to have a short-term memory and just focus on the hole in front of you.
Craig, your advice is spot-on and your work ethic inspiring. Congratulations on your recent promotion – you’ve earned it! See more of Craig’s promotion on our Instagram page here.

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