Three Ways to Win Post-Grad

You’re here. You’ve spent four years studying, working, and planning, to end up in the criminally under-discussed “Post-Grad Black Hole.” Many students sleep easier at night thinking that if you spend that extra hour in the library, the ultimate dream job with great benefits and a competitive starting salary will magically find its way into your LinkedIn inbox, but at Campaign Development Corporation we know that is not the case. For many post-graduate students, the months that follow the tossing of the cap consist of a series of dead-end applications and nerve-wracking job interviews, until finally landing on the perfect entry-level position.

The way we see it here at Campaign Development Corporation, you’re playing to win. No more wasting months of marketable energy in the wrong avenues. As a gift from us to you, take these three tried-and-true tips into the workforce and transform your professional life.


By not taking advantage of LinkedIn, you are betting against yourself.

On the most surface level, LinkedIn is an online resume and professional social media platform. That said, the deeper you dive into LinkedIn, the more cards you have in your hand. It truly is all about who you know, and with LinkedIn- you don’t even need to know them. When looking at potential employers, companies, or agencies, LinkedIn will show any fellow alumni or other common connections as a “way in.” Companies do take note when an interviewee is referred by current employees, so this is a very valuable tool that should not be ignored.

Become a Sponge

Lack of experience is poison.

When starting in the professional field you should absorb every opportunity, never say no. Pursue every lead, even those that you have never considered- or have even heard of before. Do not underestimate the small company, and do not fear the corporation. There is no GlassDoor review that will endow you with the knowledge of personal experience. How will you know what you are truly looking for in a “dream job” until you have varied professional experiences?

“One Day” is Today

Take the job in New York.

One of the most common stressors on job-hunters post-grad is location. The reality is, we often know exactly where we need to be, we are just afraid to attempt it- we are afraid to fail. The post-graduate period is the time to take risks, to be bold, and to pursue the things you always said you would. Don’t search for an excuse not to take the job or make the move, just accept and watch your life unfold.

From our entire team here at Campaign Development Corporation, we’d like to extend a big congratulations and wish you much luck in your future endeavors. To see more interview tip or post-grad advice, follow us on LinkedIn.

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