Court Is Now In Session: 🏛️ Jacquelyn’s Story

It takes a special person to succeed professionally at Campaign Development Corp; someone with undeniable work ethic, grit, people skills, and charisma – someone like Jacquelyn Codd.

Texas-born and Florida raised, Jacquelyn grew up with a focus on academics and personal development! Starting her schooling within the Montessori system, Jacquelyn became a serious student with goals of attending law school (she even had these aspirations when she was just 13 years old)! As a child, she enjoyed reading medical textbooks, putting together puzzles, and playing chess.

Deciding to focus on her career when she was in 8th grade (impressive, we know), Jacquelyn joined a Teen Court and oversaw cases that came from the juvenile system and from school discipline referrals.  Receiving assistance from local attorneys, she participated in hundreds of trials from the time she was 13-17 and even chose to attend an Academy of Legal Studies from her 15th-18th year. Both of these experiences were natural gateways to her studying Pre-Law at the University of Central Florida.

When Jacquelyn adjusted to her college class load and realized that she could do more, she immediately began working as a law clerk and became provisionally licensed to practice under a lawyer. Mind you, she was 19 at the time!! Advanced well beyond her years and peers, Jacquelyn made a name for herself as a go-getting young professional. She even took it a step further by graduating Cum Laude at the top of her class!

Starting immediately after undergrad at Stetson University College of Law – a University with the highest bar passage rate in the state – Jacquelyn enrolled and surpassed everyone’s expectations. She’s managed to hold a full-time job the entire time she’s attended law school and plans to walk the stage this August with honors.

Deciding to gain business experience in the Human Resources field similar to her father, Jacquelyn started with Campaign Development Corp at the end of 2017 and was a natural fit for our Human Resources Recruitment position! Plus having an upcoming lawyer on the team was a no-brainer. 😉 She now aids our company with talent acquisition, interviewing, and employee onboarding.

Outside of work, Jacquelyn enjoys spending time with her significant other, her 2 dogs, bunny, bearded dragon, and bird!! Whether she’s going to the movies, the gun range, or studying, everything Jacquelynn does, even in her spare time, is to better her future as a professional and as a lawyer.

With such a talented young woman as a part of our team, we are extremely confident in the future of Campaign Development Corp. Jacquelyn – thank you for making us your home and for being such a contributing member to our business. Keep up the amazing work!





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