In It To Win It: Ianik’s Story

To be truly successful at Campaign Development Corp, it’s not enough to just be competent at marketing & sales. One must be ambitious, dedicated, resilient, and a leader worth following; traits Ianik embodies with ease.

A Haitian native who spent the first 18 years of his life with a soccer ball between his feet, Ianik had a great childhood surrounded by friends and family. The oldest of three, he remembers cookouts and pick up soccer games with family every weekend, helping build his communication skills and drive his competitive side even as a kid!!

Moving to Miami 9 years ago when he was 18, Ianik transitioned well to the American lifestyle and took 6 months of intensive ESL classes in preparation for college. Moving again to Gainsville to attend Florida International University, Ianik studied Psychology and Marketing and started working at the age of 20 in an international calling company. After dedicating 5 years to the company and seeing NO growth, he realized the glass ceiling there wouldn’t be lifted as fast as he was looking to grow. Fortunately, Ianik had an old friend from Haiti who had been telling him about our industry for months and finally took him up on an interview and started working for our client in Fort Lauderdale in January 2015.

Fast forward almost 3 years now, a move to Tampa, multiple marketing campaigns and cities under his belt, and Ianik has grown into a trusted leader here at Campaign Development Corp with big goals and even bigger work ethic. With aspirations to help our client expand into a new market in February, Ianik works with enough passion and intensity to motivate our entire office. Furthermore, he plans to help our organization grow three-fold next year and grow into a consultant role for our client by 2023!

In his free time he enjoys exploring Tampa, checking out the nightlife, playing some indoor soccer, and reading “How To WIn Friends & Influence People.” We wanted to write this blog to thank Ianik for his continued dedication to Campaign Development Corporation and for serving as a source of inspiration to so many. He has been a pillar of support, mentorship, and great training to so many, and we can’t wait to see all that he accomplishes the long he’s with us. Thank you again, Ianik, for raising the bar of excellence!


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