Campaign Development Corp Presents: All About Alisha

Though we already know the caliber of our team here at Campaign Development Corporation from the day they are hired, we are continuously impressed by our people day after day. Whether they are excelling at work, producing results for our client they didn’t think possible, growing as a leader, or initiating philanthropic activities for the company to give back, we find ourselves in constant amazement at the talent that is flocked to our organization. This sentiment especially extends to Alisha, Human Resources Manager and extraordinaire at Campaign Development Corporation!

Born and raised for 6 years in Westchester, Alisha’s heart still to this day belongs to New York. When her father, a successful entrepreneur, relocated the family to Florida to pursue a business opportunity Alisha was put outside of her comfort zone in a town vastly different than Westchester. Luckily, her outgoing and bubbly personality helped her attract friends quickly, and Alisha soon found herself enrolling in more social activities like gymnastics and Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance. Her free spirit and artistic side flourished, grooming her into a vibrant young woman with great energy and charisma.

Enrolling in a Medical Magnet Program as a high schooler, Alisha spent 4 years pursuing her passion for medicine and helping people. With a particular interest in psychology, Alisha graduated as a certified CNA and enrolled at the University of South Florida for Health Sciences! Enjoying not only the educational aspects of being a USF Bull, Alisha rushed Delta Delta Delta as a freshman and enjoyed 4 years of Greek Life. As Vice President of Public Relations, Alisha furthered her communication skills, helping Tri-Delta publicize philanthropy activities across campus. An extremely compassionate individual, she coordinated an event called Delta House of Pancakes to raise money for St. Jude’s.

It didn’t take long after Alisha completed classes for her to realize that medicine was in fact not the career path she sought. In fact, she discovered that her long term goal was to be in the non-profit humanitarian sector, opening one organization that fundraises for global hunger and another for child abuse. Knowing first she would need administrative, leadership, and management experience, Alisha set out to find a job that would groom her in those 3 areas. Stumbling upon Campaign Development Corporation on Ziprecruiter, she knew from the moment she read the advertisement that she had found what she was looking for.

Interviewing with Campaign Manager, Shayna. and CEO, Mike Franco, Alisha immediately felt at ease and excited about the opportunity for growth presented to her. Upon starting in the Human Resources Department, Alisha was attracted to the family like atmosphere, work culture, and weekly team events held outside of the office. Since starting with Campaign Development Corporation 5 months ago. Alisha has contributed greatly to the growth of our organization helping us prepare to expand into a new city by the end of 2017.

A lover of music festivals, pit bulls (especially her own, Hazel), Friends, The Office, podcasts, and psycho-thriller books, Alisha is one of the most interesting and ambitious people you’ll meet in our office. We couldn’t be more appreciative of her energy and expertise and are thrilled at what the future holds for this young woman and our company. To keep up with Alisha’s growth and see all of her promotions, awards, and travel, follow Campaign Development Corporation on Instagram and be sure to share your love in the comments of this blog!

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