Campaign Development Corp: A Travelin’ Team

Travel is an essential part of a career in business. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and connecting with other companies are necessary for a small business to grow. At Campaign Development Corp, we believe that you can always learn something new from networking with other professionals, whether they are a top executive or a new Account Manager. By working with a leading direct marketing and sales brokerage firm, Campaign Development Corp is given domestic and international travel opportunities such as Regional Leadership Seminars, National Management Conferences, and Rest & Relaxation Weekends!

Our broker’s Regional Leadership Seminars are more intimate and inclusive than other corporate events. The purpose of these seminars is to paint the bigger picture for marketing and sales professionals that are new to the business world. These individuals learn all about the various advancement opportunities within Campaign Development Corp. The most recent Regional Leadership Seminar that our team attended was in Miami, and our team came back from the seminar with new knowledge and eager to further their careers at Campaign Development Corp!

At National Management Conferences, it’s a whole new ball game. This conference is about recognizing top performers and industry leaders. Just last month, the Campaign Development Corp team traveled to the vibrant city of New Orleans for a weekend filled with learning and socializing. Notable events include a Masquerade themed award dinner, a session with our client’s campaign managers, and a charity raffle for Operation Smile!

Lastly, we express our “Work Hard Play Hard” mentality at our broker’s annual Rest & Relaxation Weekend! As the name suggests, this event is a chance to let off some steam and reflect on a year of hard work! Last year, Campaign Development Corp’s Management team headed to the Red Rock Resort in the fabulous Las Vegas, where they relaxed by the pool, participated in a “trash can pong” tournament, and explored the city. This October, we’re packing our swimsuits and sunscreen and flying to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! (Stay tuned for pictures!)

Whether it’s somewhere we’ve been before or somewhere completely new, we love traveling for business. By meeting with people face-to-face and exchanging knowledge and experience, Campaign Development Corp is able to build long-term, productive relationships with clients and colleagues!

Are you a fellow traveler? Share your favorite part of business travel in the comments below! Interested in learning more about our Campaign Development Corp? Visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn!


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